16NovOpen Studio by MIT Media Lab

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Open Studio is a new experimental online art exchange system developed at the MIT Media Lab. I find it very promising, so check it out!
So yesterday night, I have started to look at it, and made a few drawings with their system, it looks as if I was painting with my feet, but the constraint in design is what makes it very interesting to me.

La Petite Tuture Rose that I have sold in 2 minutes to Burak Arikan :D

Le feu s’etiole that has been bought by Brent Fitzgerald today!

And … Les mots doux, sold to Francis in 5 minutes last night !!!There are cool ideas on this Studio and such a great tool to experiment with. By trying it out, and exchanging art work, I have found that it raises questions about the value of virtual art, especially the recognition in a virtual community.

Finally, ‘douceur’ my last drawing with the system …

By Cati in digital drawing



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