17MarAn history on interactive design

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Etienne Mineur was my graphic design professor at Paris VIII, now he is swimming in praise!

He just finished the interactive graphic piece for Issey Miyake and now he is about to travel around the world with his family to document on graphic designers, game designers, fashion designers. His focus will be Asia, so if you are extremely talented in design, live in Asia, and willing to spend some time with French people, you should contact him.

He regularly presents an history on interactive design. The last one was for les arts deco de Paris, l’ENSAD. I think he should be in this presentation, but in any case it is a very interesting document that he shares online.
Pdf of the presentation

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Josh P.G. Lane17 Mar 2007

    His endeavor sounds fascinating. I do hope to hear him present on the history of interactive design.

    Thanks for the PONG flashback!

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 denis_m18 Mar 2007

    In french :

    Je ne savais pas qu’Etienne Mineur avait été ton prof, grand monsieur, c’est drôle, j’ai travaillé avec Index + (1 fois en free) et j’ai rencontré E. Olivier, une référence en multimédia.



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