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You are getting better day after day.

I discovered these placebo pills by Broadhong Design on Idealist. The idea is that the more you take the pills, the more the pills get smaller. Each pill has the same effect, the only thing that differs is their size. The psychological effect happens when progressively the tablet-taker transitions from bigger pills to smaller pills. The taker might feel a physiological (mostly psychological) change as in they are getting better as the tablet become smaller. According to the designers, such Placebo effect actually helps patients to recover from physical injuries and psychological trauma.

I also found on the designer’ site these intriguing pill-candy. The concept is that each patient has a right on his/her pill information, effect and prescription. Here the pills are wrapped in candy’s paper, so the patient can easily recognize the pill’s name. Apparently, it also works as a quick way to know what kind of pills they missed from their prescription.

Still implicitly working on the emotional attachment to pills and pharmaceutical treatment, the design team worked on Kisses Pills. You give a present such as kisess pills to your lover who just caught a cold. He/she picks and chooses a kisses pill according to his/her symptom.

Labels: Pink for a nasty cold. Blue for a runny nose. Green for a sore throat. Finally, they can take away the bitterness of the medicine by eating a real chocolate wrapped in silver color!

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure

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