21MarFuture fashion from the past

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This is a fun video that Etienne Mineur predicted I would love! It presents a selection of Fashion designers ideas from the 30’s, for instance the very visionary electric belt adapts itself to the body. The woman of tomorrow will move in an atmosphere that is scientifically kept at the right temperature! Apparently, the man of the future will wear both a telephone and a radio! Can we make this dream finally possible?

An electric belt will adapt the body to climatic changes and a dress that consists of a transparent net will probably catch the men!

A wedding dress made of glass, a dress adaptable for morning, afternoon or evenings and an electric headlight to help find an honest man!

Finally, this awesome outfit for the man of the future who will be fitted with a telephone, radio, and containers for coins, keys and candies!

Check the very funny -> Video <-

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 augmentedblog30 Mar 2008

    Strolling through your blog. Loving your idea of knowledge shopping. And maybe this past fashion from the future puts a smile on your face.



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