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Editor: Cati Vaucelle

I am a researcher and interaction designer specializing in the design of hybrid physical/digital objects for play, performance and psycho-physiotherapy. I create tactile interfaces to shift the body boundaries and explores the powers of “holding” (from grabbing, to hugging, to being secured) as a lever to personal growth. I am the author of over thirty peer-reviewed academic publications. My work has been featured in various internationally recognized design, art and sciences publications including the I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review and the New Scienstist, and on blogs such as Engadget, Make, Forbes, Discovery Channel and We Make Money Not Art.

Trained as a computer scientist, I also study and practice electrical engineering at MIT since 2000 that I directly applies to my interaction design work. I am a 2008 Rockefeller Foundation New Media Fellow Nominee, and 2005 John F. Kennedy Scholar for my studies at Harvard University. I am currently a researcher and Ph.D. candidate in the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. I graduated from MIT in 2002 and then from Harvard University in 2006.

While in France, I received dual degrees in computer science (computational linguistics, AI) and applied math (economics), with a minor in fine arts (photography). I also received a master’s in computer science (researching graphic design) and the French equivalent of an MFA (visual arts). In the US, I received master’s degrees from the MIT Media Lab and from Harvard Graduate School of Design in product design.

I just have successfully completed the MIT qualifying exams! For the contextual area, I worked with Dr Edith Ackermann, honorary professor of developmental psychology in France and visiting professor of Architecture at MIT. I explored the psychological trade-off between what we call virtual and tangible “attachments”: I focused on people’s attachments to things, and through things, their relations to people (virtual and digital). I addressed the digital object collection mechanism in relation to the way we gather artifacts in the physical world.

For the technical area, I worked with physicist Dr Joe Paradiso, Associate Professor at MIT. This area covered technologies for body sensing and expression via circuit design.

For the main area, I worked with computer engineer Dr Hiroshi Ishii, Associate Professor at MIT. This area focused on foundations in the design of tangible interfaces.

I am now working on my PhD proposal!

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My MIT web site.

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