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05NovMonitor your dog’s activities remotely!

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SNIF Tag is the revolutionary dog tag that lets you monitor your dog’s activities remotely. It even includes social networking. Woaaaa! I want one for my cat! “Monitor your dog’s activity while you’re away. Keep in touch with his friends and yours. Share helpful information and pet tips online. And get connected to your community. It’s hi-tech, it’s hi-style, easy to use, and completely customizable.”


So how does it works? Well they use the uberbadge technology developed at the MIT Media Lab, basically when a dog meets with a dog who has a tag and is a friend, it blinks! Also you can know the owner’s dog and find out their owner online…
Thank you Nan Wei!

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20JulThe IT Crowd

The IT crowd is a splendid British TV show for the geek in each of us. I watched it on Netflix and can’t wait for season 3! It is written by Graham Linehan and produced by Ash Atalla for Channel 4. The series has won BAFTA and International Emmy awards.

Also, according to Wikipedia: “The show tries to add a large number of references to geek culture, mostly in set dressing and props. Dialogue (both technical and cultural) is usually authentic and any technobabble used often contains in-jokes for viewers knowledgeable in such subjects.”

Time is money friend :D

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure
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30AprThe omelette of shame!


It is so good, this guy is so fun! Journalist Casey reports on MMO news including our WoW pod!! Watch the MMO report on g4tv

11DecFloat with your Pet!


Everyone deserves to be in the swimming pool! I remember my dog always jumping in our backyard swimming pool, loving to swim, but being unable to come out on his own. What a relief for your pet if he could float! Jed Berk designed Float-a-Pet, an illuminated inflatable pet collar with smart sensor and locative technology.


How the system works:
The collar serves to support two main situations. First, the passive system is used to recognize where your pet is located at night. The flexible solar cells gather the suns energy during the day and store it in small rechargeable batteries. A light sensor recognizes low light conditions and triggers LEDs to illuminate the collar. Second, the active system is used in disaster relief situations. For example: In the event of a hurricane or the act of simply slipping into a pool. The Collar has a clipped on CO2 cartridge designed to break away. When the integrated humidity sensor reaches its threshold, it is activated. It dispenses CO2 and inflates the collar into a float. The passive solar system will support the floatation device at night by blinking intermittently to get one’s attention.”


Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure

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17MayThe Human Space Invaders

Who does not remember Space Invaders, one of the very first video-games? With your spaceship, your task was to defend the Earth against squadrons of invaders coming from outer space… Well the Human Space Invaders is the second video performance of the Game Over project, directed by Guillaume Reymond.


For the project 67 people sat for almost 4 hours in the theatre of the Espace Nuithonie. After they received colour t-shirts, they simulated the pixels of the game. For each of the 390 pictures, these human pixels moved or not, from one seat to another, following the specific rules they had been given according to their role (canon, spaceship, missile, bunker,…). All photographs were then put together into a short animation movie.

Check also the Tetris, Pole Position and Human Pong!

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure



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